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Carla Juacaba



Carla Juaçaba (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) has a degree of Architecture and Urbanism by the University of Santa Ursula (1999), Brazil. Her work has been showcased at several architecture exhibitions, such as: “Panorama of Brazilian Contemporary Architecture” SAC – Staedelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt, Germany 2010; “Construir, Habitar, Pensar” at the Institut Valencià de Arte Moderno, Spain 2008; “MDC Exposición Digital de arquitectura brasileña (mínimo denominador Comum)”, 2006; “Panorama Emergente Iberoamericano” – Fundación COAM, Madrid, Spain 2006; “Panorama Emergente Iberoamericano” – VI Architecture Biennale of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil 2005; “Encore moderne? Architecture Brésilienne” at the IFA Institut Français d’architecture, Paris, France 2006; “Panorama de la Arquitectura Brasileña”, University of the Andes, Bogota, Colombia 2004; “IV Bienal Iberoamericana, Panorama Emergente, Colegio de arquitectos del Perú”, Lima, Peru 2004. Her residential projects include: Casa Río Bonito, 2001; Casa Mínima, 2008; Casa Varanda, 2007; Casa Atelier, 2011.

The work of the Brazilian architect emerges from previous research and the acknowledgment of the place where she designs, trying to maintain the existing roots, sensitive to context and environment. In this way, she manages for each of her projects to establish a solid relationship between nature and culture. Following the steps of Professor Sergio Bernardés (Rio de Janeiro, 1919 – 2002), Juaçaba uses constructive reasoning as an imaginative force, blending materials and producing craft out of industrial systems.