Documentary film festival


The documentary film festival DISTRITAL and LIGA, Space for Architecture, present one of the latest works of Dutch filmmaker Rene Daalder, who wrote in 1969, together with the architect Rem Koolhaas, the experimental movie ‘The White Slave’. His last documentary – still under development – is focused on the biography of his close friend Rem Koolhaas. One single screening with the assistance of the director. / Friday June 8th at 11 pm at Cine Tonalá, limited seats.

Rene Daalder (1944 Texel, Holland). Starting out as a conventional filmmaker, Rene Daalder has written and directed 6 feature films as well as numerous television and music related projects, in Europe, the US and Canada. In his native Holland he worked as a team with Jan de Bont, made numerous films with Dutch documentary filmmaker Frans Bromet, and wrote several screenplays with his frequent collaborator Rem Koolhaas. Together they made some highly acclaimed, award winning movies, culminating in Daalder’s directorial feature film debut The White Slave. Often operating at the cutting edge of his medium and heavily involved with special effects, software development and music, Daalder has gained worldwide recognition as a pioneer of Virtual Reality and digital motion picture technologies.

His movies include teenage horror classic Massacre at Central High (1976), punk rock musical Population: 1 (1986), Habitat (1997) and Hysteria (1998). He also directed the music video for Supertramp’s ‘Brother Where You Bound’. He also wrote and directed an acclaimed documentary on the artist Bas Jan Ader entitled ‘Here is Always Somewhere Else’. At the end of 2007 Rene Daalder launched SpaceCollective in collaboration with Folkert Gorter. The community driven website, where information and ideas are being exchanged about the current state of our species, our planet and the universe, has over 2500 contributors. A growing number of universities, architecture and design schools are conducting projects on the website.