February – April 2013

Permeability is a project that directly relates to the last publication by plan:b, which carries the same title. Giving the same status to the different formats of work, such as drawing, travel, model, construction or dialogue, Felipe and Federico Mesa understand their practice as a learning process, generating open situations, provisional agreements, non-imposing phenomena inserted into changing and flexible eco-social networks. Permeability, more than being a material, social and organic quality, is here a condition that allows for relational architecture, an architecture full of influences, obliged to the partial agreement and immersed in the flux of interactions and negotiations of everydayness.

The show expands and materializes the content of the book through projection of audiovisual materials that have been realized ex profeso for this installation. The register of light and sound phenomena (all recorded in different places) penetrate from the outside into the inside spaces.  Their projection through reflecting filters in the LIGA gallery suggests that architecture emerges from an inequal meeting between light flows and the heavy movement of matter.  For plan:b, architecture is pure permeability.