Ramble Interludes

May - July 2017


Ramble Interludes*
*A leisurely stroll

The Ramble Interludes cycle proposes a series of walks; each one will depart from a space that have a special connection with culture and the city and will focus on a specific context, a certain neighborhood.
Representatives of ten different spaces will guide subjective visits to the urban surroundings the building belongs to; they will point out spontaneous situations that have sparked their interest or anonymous architectural landmarks.
This series of encounters thus sets out to investigate the relation between the architecture of the city and its users through case studies where different communities and collectives are connected with their districts thanks to cultural programs.

Guest spaces:

4 May 2017: Obrera Centro
11 May 2017: Casa Vecina
18 May 2017: La Embajada
19 May 2017: Ladróngalería,
14 June 2017: Taller Tornel
16 June 2017: Cráter Invertido
22 June 2017: Aeromoto
7 July 2017: ATEA
13 July 2017: Galería Mascota
15 July 2017: Guerrero Chimalli