San Rocco visita LIGA

February 11, 2016

El día miércoles 10 de febrero celebramos un encuentro con el editor de la revista San Rocco en el PH de LIGA, donde Giovanni Piovene  llevó a cabo una breve presentación acerca del proyecto de San Rocco para después abrir el diálogo, convirtiéndolo en un debate abierto al público que giró en torno a distintas ideas que dan pie a un futuro número de la revista acerca de la Ciudad de México.

DSC07000 DSC07062DSC06996

Interlude 23

December 3, 2015





Last Thursday  3rd of December the last event of the Undisciplined Interludes  cycle took place in the PH of LIGA, where the Mexican artist Adriana Lara occupied the space of  LIGAs informative booklet with the conceptual character work Less is more, a reflection on the commercial value of the publications in line with the value of its contents. The piece, first exposed  in 2014 in the section of advertisers of the magazine Spike Art Magazine # 41, it is to occupy space of a publication with a digit representing a minimum value by a decimal number. This figure becomes longer while its value is reduced by the number of pages that are acquired.

The artist uses the maximum of the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the title, in the context of a capitalist economy that has subverted the initial concept of the sentence. If the principles of modernism originally advocated the virtues of simplicity and standardization in favor of more affordable housing, today apply to a construction industry that seeks to reduce costs for increased production of questionable quality . Thus generating huge profits within a constant crisis triggering any room that just globables financial crisis. Paradoxically, according to economic theory lead to lower costs it is synonymous with efficiency and thus welfare.
Less is more is embodied in a digit as a metaphor for a system where less costs equals more production, but also to more misery.

Opening LIGA 20

November 19, 2015





Simultaneous Alternatives of Argentinian architect Nicholas Campodonico is the twenty monographic exhibition held in the exhibition space of LIGA. On Thursday November 19 LIGA 20 opened its doors to the public that interacted with the steel mirror piece.

Until February 2015 we will have the opportunity to visit LIGA20 and pick one of the posters designed for the occasion which includes critical texts of Gustavo Adolfo Carabajal  and Marcelo Villafañe.



Conference LIGA 20

November 18, 2015


Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros was the setting for the inaugural conference of Argentinian architect Nicholas Campodonico for LIGA 20 Simultaneous Alternatives . The talk took place in the work of Peruvian artist Jose Carlos Martinat, How to explain the inexplicable. 


Interlude 20

October 29, 2015

The third event of the Undisciplined Interludes was held on Thursday, October 29, with the presentation ofthe Mexican artist José Arnaud Bello installation  Uncivilized Conduct Code and Some Applications. Arnaud-Bello proposed stress to the limit the relationship between furniture and architectural space. For this, an inordinate number of chairs in the Penthouse and terrace of LIGA was introduced, silting both places. The chairs were placed according to preset management modules that created labyrinthine paths between them.

In the artist’s words “When I share a space with others variables multiply. It’s not just my body in space, but the modes of interaction that I have with others; . the ways in which our bodies change the space for others [This installation] allows you to share one of the things that most interest me in and out of the practice of architecture: the relationship and mutual determination between a social organization and a spatial-material condition. ”

The unexpected and controversial relations established between users and between users and furnishings throughout several hours were documented on video and photography as a new reading of space that has so often been used in a traditional way.

DSC06233 DSC06239 DSC06249

Interlude 19

October 15, 2015

The second event of the cycle Undisciplined Interludes, was held on Thursday, October 15, with the presentation of the Argentine artist Ramiro Chaves video De Como Ser Amabilis,  the film  Veletas Linyeras and his new book La loma del orto

The screening was followed by an open public debate on concepts of identity, memory and nationalism based on the recurrent appearance of works by Manuel Amabilis Dominguez, Yucatecan architect exponent of the neoindigenismo deco in  De Como Ser Amabilis, shot in the Park Americas in Merida.

This video portrays, through a non-linear narrative, the use of certain public spaces. The sockets are connected by the thread of the appearance of the X either as a graphic symbol, as part of architecture or three-dimensional object. X as central and as defining a particular place also permeates other works of Chaves as part of the great XXXXXXXXXX project.



Interlude 19| Ramiro Chaves| Photo: LIGA.


Interlude 18

September 9, 2015

Last wednesday september the 9th, the mexican group Teatro Ojo presented Suspension of Activities, a space character narrative which dislocated temporality to make way to the past. Having history as it scope, Héctor Bourges and Teatro Ojo group, took us through time to key moments in the history of Mexico City through a 360-degree panoramic tour supported by images, pictures, audio and video. In the same context, they shared with us part of his renowned career.


Interlude 18| Teatro Ojo| Suspensión de ActividadesFotografía: LIGA.


Interlude 18| Teatro Ojo| Suspensión de ActividadesFotografía: LIGA.


Interlude 18| Teatro Ojo| Suspensión de ActividadesFotografía: LIGA.


Interlude 18| Teatro Ojo| Suspensión de ActividadesFotografía: LIGA.

Opening LIGA 19

August 20, 2015


LIGA 19 | LLONAZAMORA | GrammarPhoto: LIGA.


LIGA 19 | LLONAZAMORA | GrammarPhoto: LIGA.

Last thursday august 2oth, LIGA opened its nineteenth exhibition: Grammar, curated by the architecture firm LLONAZAMORA, founded by the peruan architect Michelle Llona R. and the chilean architect Rafael Zamora P. The exhibition  is a a game of architectural writing; the pieces are abstractions from architectural elements of the Republican and Colonial periods in Lima. The goal is to move from a domestic room to a large-scale building, using the elements with skill and without prejudice, placing them in such a way that they produce new relations and spatial situations.

Conference LIGA 19

August 19, 2015


Conference LIGA 19| Michelle Llona and Rafael Zamora,  Llonazamora architecture studio at the house of Max Cetto in the Pedregal de San Ángel .Photo: LIGA


Last Wednesday, August 19, the lecture for LIGA 19 was held at the house of Max Cetto in the Pedregal de San Ángel in the south of Mexico City. In the conference, the Peruvian studio Llonazamora, author of Gramatic  the current exhibition at LIGA,  talked about their academic formation and all the influences they have on the architecture of Lima, Peru, besides they showed us multiple proyects of his workshop.

New executive director of LIGA

June 24, 2015

LIGA presents Isabel Martínez Abascal as its new director. 

Isabel Martínez Abascal (Madrid, 1984) has been appointed the new director of LIGA, Space for Architecture in Mexico City from July this year. She will be responsible for overall coordination of the exhibition and lecture platform and take over its annual programing, working closely with the directors and founders: Ruth Estévez, Wonne Ickx, Victor Jaime Abel Perles, and Carlos Bedoya.

The directors and founders commented: “The outstanding experience of Isabel Martínez Abascal in the field of architecture, academia, and curatorship support her capacity to provide a mature and personal vision to LIGA’s programing. Her international career has been complemented with residences in Tokyo, Berlin, Ahmedabad and São Paulo, amongst others. She has shown a continuous interest in erasing the geographical frontiers for her work. We are certain that Isabel will bring the intellectual strength, enthusiasm and energy that our space needs to continue its successful development.”

The Spanish architect added: “Aboard LIGA, I will seek to explore and expand the conceptual and thus geographic boundaries of what we call Latin America. It is my intention to propose new possibilities of action for this platform in which, in parallel to quarterly exhibitions, I intend to develop a comprehensive program of activities of different natures not restricted to a particular physical space. I want LIGA to be an open space for the interests of all those concerned in architecture and by the disciplines in which it is in dialogue.”

Isabel Martínez Abascal assumes the position after Marielsa Castro left the charge early this year to continue her studies at Harvard University. Architect Mariana Yuste has assumed the executive direction since and will work alongside Isabel for the first months of her new assignment.

LIGA, Space for Architecture is an independent pioneering platform for architectural exhibitions, conferences, and workshops based in Mexico City. The initiative arises in January 2011, from the partnership of the architecture studio PRODUCTORA (Abel Perles, Carlos Bedoya, Víctor Jaime, Wonne Ickx) and Ruth Estévez, historian and contemporary art curator. LIGA was created to establish an experimental space around contemporary architecture and its possibilities as a discursive practice, broadening and establishing connections with other disciplines. It’s a project that seeks to fade the borderlines between different practices, settling a built-in space for creating and thinking, as well as creating a platform for curatorial experimentation.

About Isabel:

Isabel Martinez Abascal (Madrid, 1984) graduated as an architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She also studied at the Technische Universität in Berlin, in Ahmedabad with architect Balkrishna Doshi, and worked in Tokyo for SANAA and in Madrid for Aranguren & Gallegos, before moving to São Paulo where she was lecturer for six years at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Escola da Cidade, and founded the practice ARQUITE(C)TURA. Among other projects, she was involved in curating the 10th São Paulo Architecture Biennale and curating the exhibition 13 for the inaugural cycle of the Center for Contemporary Art The Canning, Murcia, and the exhibition Visionary Instruments. Perspectograph, post-preterite, chiaroscuro of artist Almudena Lobera at the Space for Contemporary Creation ECCO, Cadiz, as well as writing for magazines like Domus, Wallpaper and Avery Review. In 2014 she founded the architecture studio LANZA Atelier together with Alessandro Arienzo. She has lived in Mexico City since 2015. Isabel combines her professional work with personal projects of various kinds, understanding everything that she makes as architecture.


Opening LIGA 18

May 28, 2015


LIGA 18 | TACOA | Jadineira . Photo: LIGA.


LIGA 18 | TACOA | Jadineira . Photo: LIGA.


LIGA 18 | TACOA | Jadineira . Photo: LIGA.

The last thursday may 21st, LIGA opened his eighteenth exhibition: Jardineira, curated by de brazilian architecture firm TACOA, founded by  Rodrigo Cerviño y Fernando Falcón. the exposition consist  in a concrete made planter  just in front of the entrance to the LIGA gallery  with the intention of  reverse roles between the interior  space of exposistion and exterior space of contemplation,  taking at the same time advantage of this and creating dialogue in the public space

Conference LIGA 18



Conferencia LIGA 18| Rodrigo Cerviño, founding partner of TACOA Architects in the Mexico City pavilion at the FCA .Photo: LIGA


Last Wednesday, May 20, the lecture for LIGA 18 was held at the Mexico City pavilion during the Friendly Cultures Carnival .In the conference Rodrigo Cerviño,  co-author among his partner of  Jardineira,  the current exhibition at LIGA,  talked about his academic formation and all the influences that have marked him during his life and have taken him to own all that singular architectural  background,  besides he showed us multiple proyects of his workshop.

Interludes 17

April 16, 2015

Michigan | Mellon Symposium
Saturday, april 11st, 08:30hs.
Insurgentes Sur 348-PH, Col. Roma Sur
The Michigan/Mellon Project on Egalitarianism and the Metropolis is a 4-year academic and research initiative focused on architecture, urbanism and humanities research in Detroit, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. It is made possible by a $1.3 million grant from the A. W. Mellon Foundation. The project allows design theory and practice to inform and be informed by questions of social justice, social movements and transformative creative arts movements–both past and present. The emphasis on cities and their specificity will focus humanists on linking theories of human interaction and collective life with the physical space of a city and its histories. The increased expertise in urbanism allows for humanists to better understand the market forces and economic constraints that inform design decisions that directly affect human life.

Egalitarianism remains a useful framework for examining the contemporary metropolis because it contains a theory of value based on both the inherent equality of individuals and on some notion of a fair distribution of resources to individuals. Egalitarianism is thus a more ample construct through which to view the challenges and opportunities of today’s modern metropolitan regions, because it does not assume a market-based or capitalist-driven imperative. Rather, egalitarianism can be used to ask what if the underpinnings of resource distribution, transportation, housing allocation and industrial wast management were in the service of the most equitable allocation of goods and services. Given the reality that contemporary metropolitan regions and post-industrial cities fall well short of this goal, egalitarianism then allows us to ask what is the best way to reduce or mitigate the harmful inequalities.


Gsutavo Lipkau in Interludes 17. Fotografía: LIGA


Guatavo Lipkau talking in  Mellon Symposium, Interludes 17  about the privatazation of the common goods

Opening LIGA 17

LIGA 17 l Summoning Stones Opening talk at LIGA PH. Photo LIGA



LIGA 17 |Estudio Macias Peredo | Summoning Stones . Photo: LIGA.



LIGA 17 |Estudio Macias Peredo | Summoning Stones . Photo: LIGA.



Opening talk  LIGA 17 l Summonig Stones. Photo: LIGA

Last Thursday, february 12th, LIGA opened its seventeenth exhibition: Summoning Stones curated by de Macías Perdo Studio. the piece cosist in   irregular leftovers from commercial quarrying stacked in a way the perform a haul with a big wall of rocks inside the gallery .

Conference LIGA 17

March 12, 2015


Conference LIGA 17| Estudio Macias Peredo, at Museo Jumex . Photo: LIGA.

Last Wednesday, February 12, the lecture for LIGA 17 was held at Museo Jumex. During the conference, Salvador Macias nad Magui Peredo, authors of Summoning Stones, the current exhibition at LIGA, talked about the context in which he develops his work, and showed some of his projects where it can be seen how their constructions are strongly related to manual work.


February 19, 2015


Studio Visit UCLA

November 14, 2014

Last November 10 to November 14 (2014) LIGA received 9 students from UCLA for a studio visit to Mexico City. The option studio led by Wonne Ickx, for the last years students is entitled ‘The very long building’, and questions if there exists the possibility to work on the urban scale through an architectonical object. The trip included visits to well-known architectural highlights such as houses by Luis Barragán (Casa Barragán, Casa Gilardi), the National University Campus (UNAM), the house for Diego and Frida by Juan O’Gorman, the Vasconcelos Library by Alberto Kalach, the JUMEX Museum by David Chipperfield, the experimental Museum El Eco by Mathias Goeritz, the Camino Real Hotel by Legorreta, the San Ignacio de Loyola church by Sordo Madaleno, and many more. The students also visited the offices of TAX (Alberto Kalach), Taller de Arquitectura (Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo), and Taller 13 (Elias Cattan).

The studio visit coincided with the opening of Alejandro Haiek’s installation ‘Paperwork’ at the LIGA Gallery, so the students could assist to his conference on Wednesday and the opening & reception on Thursday. The week ended with a mid-term review at LIGA’s penthouse with Michel Rojkind (Rojkind Arquitectos), Emanuel Ramirez (MMX), Cristoph Zeller (Zeller Moye), Margarita Flores (dear Architects / EEPA), Derek Dellekamp (Dellekamp Arquitectos) who gave a very punctual and thorough critique on the students work and the studio assignment as well. Thanks again for that!

PS: For more information on studio visits to Mexico City organized by LIGA, please contact us.

Organisation at LIGA: Mariana Yuste / Professor: Wonne Ickx / UCLA Students: Austin Kaa, Emma Price, Julio Perez, Sarah Johnson, Mark Simpson, Hillary Bretcko, Kimberly Daul, Ciro Dimson, Max Irish, Trenman Yau / Photography: Ciro Dimson







Opening LIGA 16

November 13, 2014


LIGA 15 Opening at LIGA. Photo: LIGA


LIGA 15 Opening at LIGA. Photo: LIGA


LIGA 15 Opening Talk at LIGA’s PH. Photo: LIGA


Last thursday, November 13, the opening of LIGA 16: Paperwork by Alejandro Haiek took place at LIGA’s PH. The exhibition consists of paper patterns held by wooden frames, illuminated and moved by motion sensors which interact with visitors.

LIGA 16 will be open to general public until the last week of January 2015.

Conference LIGA 16

November 12, 2014


Conference LIGA 16| LAB.PRO.FAB. Alejandro Haiek, at Huerto Roma Verde. Photo: LIGA.


Last Wednesday, November 12, the lecture for LIGA 16 was held at Huerto Roma Verde. During the conference, Alejandro Haiek, author of Paperwork, the current exhibition at LIGA, talked about the context in which he develops his work, and showed some of his projects.

Interlude 16

September 18, 2014

Chic By Accident Project + Ludwig Godefroy is an architecture firm based in Mexico City but formed by french architects Emmanuel Picault and Ludwig Godefroy. During their lecture at Liga, they talked about a great amount of references that are fundamental for the comprehension of their work. It was an inspiring journey consisting of a series of images from Egypt to the Yucatan Peninsula, going through Iceland and France. It presented numerous buildings, landscapes, and objects that interest the duo.

Last (and least), they presented the firm’s most significant projects, like the Nüba Club in Paris, M.N. Roy at Roma Neighborhood in Mexico City, the recuperation of an old hacienda at Yucatán, and Emmanuel’s own house in Morelos State, which, using the author’s words, is in a constant process of construction/deconstruction.


Emmanuel Picault and Ludwig Godefroy at LIGA Interludes 16. Photo: LIGA



Conference Interlude 16 by Chic by Accident Project + Ludwig Godefroy. Photo: LIGA 


Opening LIGA 15

August 21, 2014


Liga 15 |Emilio Marín + Juan Carlos López |The Space Between Things. Photo LIGA


LIGA 14 Opening talk at LIGA PH. Photo LIGA

Last Thursday, August 21st, LIGA opened its fifteenth exhibition: The Space Bewteen Things. The installation by the Chilean duo, Emilio Marín and Juan Carlos López, consists of a series of plaster objects arranged on four display cabinets distributed throughout the gallery space. The objects correspond to recent projects pursued by the studio; anonymous objects, or architectural or artistic references that have played a crucial role in the studio’s development.

Conference LIGA 15

August 20, 2014


Conference LIGA 15| Emilio Marín + Juan Carlos López  at ‘Torre 41,’ Alberto Kalach’s new building. Photo: LIGA.

Last Wednesday, August 20th  the lecture for LIGA 15 given by Emilio Marín and Juan Carlos López took place at ‘Torre 41,’ a new building in Mexico City by the architect Alberto Kalach.

Graham Foundation 2014

August 15, 2014

LGM Studio . Fotografia de Arquitectura

For the third year in a row, LIGA has the honor to recieve the Graham Foundation for Advance Studies in the Fine Arts grant. This Foundation is one of the most important international institutions supporting fine arts and architecture. This year, we recieved the award for the production of LIGA´s exhibition program in 2014-2015.

LIGA allies dinner 2014.

July 24, 2014


Last wednesday, July 3rd, with the generous support of Panel Rey and ARMSTRONG, a dinner with our group of allies took place at Rosetta restaurant. During the evening, we talked about LIGA´s accomplisments, future plans and possible candidates for the 2015 program. This conversation led to a feedback from our allies about our exhibition space.

The attendants were:

Tatiana Bilbao, Mauricio Rocha, Marcell Ibarrola (Búnker arquitectura), Isaac Broid, Yuri Zagorin, Carlos Coronel, Héctor de la Peña, Francisco Pardo, Jorge Hernández de la Garza, Fermín Espinosa, Vanesa Vielma, Frida Luna, Alejandro Gallardo, and Ramiro Dávila. Also,  Carlos Bedoya, Víctor Jaime, Abel Perles, and Wonne Ickx, founding partners, and  Marielsa Castro,executive director of LIGA.










LIGA allies dinner 2014. Photo: LIGA

Interludes 15

July 3, 2014

During his lecture at LIGA last Thursday July 3rd, Didier Faustino described his work as a “personal architecture” where user´s experience is the key of his projects.
Faustino presented some recent works and a brief explanation of the project he is currently developing in Mexico, the new headquarters for Fundación Alumnos47.


Didier Faustino at Interlude 15. Photo: LIGA


Faustino´s lecture at Interludes 15. Photo: LIGA

Opening LIGA 14

May 29, 2014


Liga 14 |MAPA |Spaces Within Spaces. Photo LIGA


LIGA 14 Opening talk (left Maurico Lopez, right Luciano Andrades). Photo LIGA

Last Thrursday, May 29th, LIGA opened its fourteenth exhibition: Spaces Within Spaces.The binational office MAPA employs a strategy to make the gallery space itself present and tangible by means of lattice of wooden posts. Recalling a hypostyle hall, this distribution of contiguous elements creates an intensified experience of the space, generating orthogonal and diagonal views through the obstacles. Each of these vertical columns has also been cut into and houses a scale model of a scene from everyday life.


Conference LIGA 14

May 28, 2014


Conference LIGA 14| MAPA  in Mexico City´s pavilion at the Feria de las Culturas Amigas. Photo: LIGA.

Last Wednesday, May 28th took place in Mexico City´s pavilion at the Feria de las Culturas Amigas  the lecture for LIGA 14 given by Luciano Andrades and Mauricio Lopez partners of the binational office MAPA

Abel Perles at Vertice

April 26, 2014

Last Friday April 25th Abel Perles (founding partner) presented the work of LIGA as part of Vertice Congress in Ensenada, Baja California. Vertice is a meeting for design, architecture and engineering students of Universidad Autonoma de Baja California.

abel vertice

Abel Perles presenting LIGA at Congreso Vertice


April 15, 2014

Marielsa Castro director of LIGA, Space for Architecture talking about the space, and the exhibitions mode for the online platform GAS TV. GAS TV is a reflection platform that has as principal objective thinking the arts from critical. Beyond being an informative space (as many current references) GAS TV bet for the free thinking always oriented depth to play with today’s cultural scene.One of the premises of GAS TV is to generate a plural and inclusive space seeking to exploid the partcipiation and interaction of the audience with the artistic expressions that they present without claims.Read the complete post here:


LIGA 1-10 book´s launch

March 25, 2014

Last Sunday March 23th under the frame of MEXTRÓPOLI, LIGA presented their first publication, a memory of the first ten proyects realized by young firms since the opening of the space. The book illustrates the interventions, concepts and work methodologies by the invited architects, besides unedited texts written specially for the occasion.

post1LIGA 1-10 book´s launch. El Eco experimental museum. Photo: LIGA

post2LIGA 1-10 book´s launch. El Eco experimental museum. Photo: LIGA


Review Andrés Jaque

March 18, 2014

Last Tuesday March 18 Andres Jaque´s Princeton University students, had a review in LIGA´s PH, architects invited to comment about the projects were: Frida Escobedo, Mario Ballesteros, José Esparza Chong Cuy, Luis Urculo, Zuloark y Michael Stanton.


LIGA´s PH (right to left) Frida Escobedo, Zuloark, Luis Urculo, Andrés Jaque


(right to left) José Esparza, Mario Ballesteros, Frida Escobedo, Zuloark, Luis Urculo, Michael Stanton, Andrés Jaque.

Interludes 14

Last Tuesday March 18th in the fourteenth Interludes Architect Andrés Jaque and Artist/Architect Luis Úrculo discussed the process and metodology of showcasing their work on exhibition spaces.


Andrés Jaque and Luis Urculo at Interludes 14. Photo: LIGA


Interludes 14 LIGA´s PH. Photo: LIGA

Opening Liga 13

February 13, 2014

inauguración web 1

Liga 13 |Diego Arraigada |Looking in, looking out. Photo LIGA

inauguración web 2LIGA 13 Opening talk (left Diego Arraigada, right Francisco Pardo). Photo LIGA

Last thursday August 22nd LIGA, Space for Architecture, presented its thirteenth edition of exhibitions  that promote young latin american talent. Diego Arraigada takes one of the most characteristic features of the gallery as a starting point: the two horizontal apertures that connect it with its urban surroundings. Using a plain metal structure that connects the inner edges of both windows, the architect sets up a spatial short-circuit that renders superfluous the glass separating the exhibition space from the city itself. As if it were an ingenious Escher-like construction, the façade of the building folds in on itself and projects our gaze back out into the street.

Coexistences, by MMX

November 27, 2013

INAUG_LIGA11_003LIGA Interludes 13: Coexistences, MMX. Photo by LIGA.

Last Tuesday November 12th, Mexican architectural study MMX inaugurated LIGA 12: Coexistences as part of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale. Due to this exhibition, LIGA invited to a conference where the architects presented the intervention made at MUDE, Museum of Design and Fashion in the portuguese capital.

Alumnos47 in Lisbon

November 16, 2013



Fundación Alumnos47 and El Proyecto Sonidero. México, 2013. Photo: Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

As part of LIGA’s activities for the programme The Institute Effect at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Fundación Alumnos47 and El Proyecto Sonidero present ‘Rebarding’, a work dedicated to the painting of walls or fences, traditionally used as mass media for dan­ces of sound systems (sonideros) and northern or rock mu­sic concerts. An element that was ubiquitous in Mexico City, the walls or fences have been progressively displaced to the margins of the metropolis.

LIGA in Lisbon

November 12, 2013

INAUG_LIGA12_003Opening LIGA 12: MMX at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale. Photo by LIGA.

The programme of LIGA, platform for young Latin American architecture establishes a bridge between Lisbon and Mexico City. At MUDE, Museum of Design and Fashion, a site-specific installation designed by Mexican studio MMX replicates and multiplies the original space of LIGA (16m2), in a reflection on the intersections and contaminations between space and content.

Opening LIGA 11

November 7, 2013

Last Thursday november 7th, LIGA, space for architecture as part of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, inaugurated a double exhibition, simultaneously showcasing Portuguese studio RCJV in Mexico City and Mexican architectural firm MMX in Lisbon, Portugal. (more…)

Conference LIGA 11

November 6, 2013

On Wednesday, November 6th, LIGA hosted a public conference by architecural firm Ricardo Carvalho and Joana Vilhena on the piece ‘Arena’ by American artist Rita Mc Bride inside Tamayo Museum, a functional sculpture which structure reminds of an amphitheater’s stairs.

CONF_LIGA11_07Conference LIGA 11| Ricardo Carvalho and Joana Vilhena on the Arena by Rita Mc Bride, Tamayo Museum. Photo by LIGA.

CONF_LIGA11_06Conference LIGA 11| Ricardo Carvalho and Joana Vilhena on the Arena by Rita Mc Bride, Tamayo Museum. Photo by LIGA.

Graham Foundation

September 11, 2013


LIGA has been honored for the second time with the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts Grant, this time for the support of its first publication: “ Even Small spaces start small”, a compilation of LIGA´s  first 10 exhibitions,  the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts makes project-based grants to individuals and organizations and produces public programs to foster the development and exchange of diverse and challenging ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society.

LIGA marks its 10th exhibition.

August 22, 2013

LGM Studio . Fotografia de Arquitectura

Last thursday August 22nd LIGA, Space for Architecture, presented its tenth edition of exhibitions  that promote young latin american talent. The achitect Luis Aldrete from Guadalajara, created  a hidden garden in the middle of city, titled: Mock up of a common place. The small garden is  submerged in a mass of earth that leans against the windows of the gallery. The space generates a  sensorial experience, a moment of escape from the chaos of the city within an inner illusory world.

A walking visit through Mexico ’68

August 3, 2013

INTERLUDIOS_11_008LIGA Interludios 11: Estación #9, Todd Williams, Estados Unidos. Fotografía: LIGA

Last saturday August 3rd, LIGA and Patronato Ruta de la Amistad A.C., organized a walking visit through the first phase of the relocation project of the sculptures designed for Mexico ’68, guided by Luis Javier de la Torre, founder of the project. We visited 12 of the 22 sculptures located in between the ‘Periférico’ and ‘Avenida Insurgentes’.

Pamphlet Architecture 33

July 8, 2013

paisajes emergentes 4

In the recent number 33 of the prestigious series ‘Pamphlet Architecture’ published by Princeton Architectural Press since 1977, Luis Callejas – LCLA (former Paisajes Emergentes) presents a series of projects that investigate the relation between hydrological phenomena, territorial politics and landscape architecture. At the center of the volume, entitled ‘Islands and Atolls’, a series of illustrations and texts relate the exhibition ‘Floodings’ that was presented in LIGA in the summer of 2011.

Luis Callejas – LCLA, Pamphlet Architecture 33, Islands & atolls, 2013

More Information:

Architectural League Prize

May 25, 2013

The Architectural League of New York has awarded Luis Callejas, founder and director of LCLA Office, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Medellin, Colombia. Before he collaborated with Edgar Mazo and Sebastian Mejia, as the firm Paisajes Emergentes, who presented in LIGA their exhibition entitled ‘Floodings’ in August 2011.

The Architectural League Prize is one of North America’s most prestigious awards for young architects and designers. The Prize, established in 1981, recognizes specific works of high quality and encourages the exchange of ideas among young people who might otherwise not have a forum. Each year the Architectural League and the Young Architects + Designers Committee organize a portfolio competition. Six winners are then invited to present their work in a variety of public fora, including lectures, an exhibition, a catalogue published by Princeton Architectural Press.

2013 League Prize winners: Luis Callejas, LCLA office; Brandon Clifford and Wes McGee, Matter Design; Marc Fornes, MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY; Rafael Luna y Dongwoo Yim, PRAUD; Skylar J.E. Tibbits, SJET; Bryan Young, Young Projects.

More information:

Opening LIGA 09

May 12, 2013

On May 9th “Opaque Sound”, the project that Chilean architect Eduardo Castillo presents for LIGA 09 was inaugurated. Is a sturdy piece of wood that explores an object’s density, so that it nearly takes up the entire exhibition space. The installation will be open to the public for the next three months and it will be accompanied with an original text from Chilean architect Patricio Mardones entitled ‘Behind the wooden curtain’


LIGA 09: Opaque Sound | Eduardo Castillo | Photo: Ramiro Chaves


Eduardo Castillo at opening talk.


Conference LIGA 09, at ARCHIVO Diseño y Arquitectura. Photo: LIGA.

Triennale in Lisbon

May 11, 2013

Recently LIGA was invited to take part in the 3rd Architectural Trienniale in Lisbon 2013: Close, Closer, within the curatorial program: “The Institute Effect”. This program invited 12 institutions from around the globe, to activate the space of MUDE (Museum of Design and Fashion), one of the main locations of the next Trienniale, through a program that reflects on the day-to-day activities of the invited institutions.

On the occasion of the Trienniale, LIGA will move temporary to Lisbon, where the small space is ‘copied’ in MUDE through an installation by the Mexican office MMX. By copying the space they reflect on the physical qualities of the exhibition space as a generator for curatorial content. Simultaneously the Portuguese studio RCJV is invited to Mexico where they will inaugurate their site-specific installation at ‘LIGA, Mexico City’ and present their work to the Mexican public. The presentation of RCJV in Mexico City will be possible thanks to the support of Alumnos 47 Foundation. The sum of both creates an active interchange between local cultures, questions the idea of exhibition space and its location and will bring the idea of the ‘double’ to the foreground. A special double issue of LIGA that occurs simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic!

Other invited institutions to take part in the “The Institute Effect” are: CASCO – Office for Art Design and Theory (NL), Centre for Research Architecture (UK), Centre for Urban Pedagogy (US), Design as Politics (NL), Fabrica (IT), Institut fur Raumexperimente (DE), Jornal Arquitectos (PT), SALT (TR), Spatial Agency (UK), Storefront for Art and Architecture (US), Strelka Institute (RU), Z33 (BE).

The Institute Effect becomes a living, changing homage to the contemporary institution. Intended as a constantly changing stream of activity, 12 pioneering institutions engaged in innovative and groundbreaking practice have been invited to takeover the exhibition space, hosting a public programme of their choosing taking consecutive turns in bringing an ever­changing international residency programme to Lisbon.”

LIGA in Slovenia

May 10, 2013

Last Thursday May 9th, LIGA participated in a conference called ‘The Institutional Act’ in Ljubljana, Slovenia organized by The Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO). This conference, curated by Beatrice Galilee, is part of a broader ongoing pursuit to define the interconnection between architecture and exhibition-making. It seeks to contribute to the debate about the developing practice of exhibiting architecture and the role of the institutions, which commission and frame contemporary discourse. It seeks to interrogate the formation of institutional knowledge and critique its direction.

The ‘The Institutional Act’ brings together five directors of influential contemporary architectural institutions: Eva Franch i Gilabert from Storefront for Art and Architecture (New York, US), Jan Boelen from Z33 House for contemporary Art (Hasselt, BE), Indy Johar of 00:/ (London, UK) and Marielsa Castro of LIGA – Space for Architecture (Mexico City, MEX)

From the website:

Institutions are power. They channel directions, focus attention. They are, without want of explanation, important. They are vessels that collect, exhibit, examine, support and critique. They are arbiters of taste, formers of knowledge. They are the dreamweavers of our cultural imagination. But more than capturing and captivating, and as part of their economic and intellectual capacity, many contemporary institutions of architecture are producers. Those that don’t simply process and filter but are participating in a critical form of space-shaping. In the expanded field of architecture where architectural acts are beyond buildings, contemporary institutions are more at home amongst practitioners than critics.

Some of the strongest and most influential acts of institutions have lead to real political and social change. In complex political globalised times when cultural direction and investment is lacking from governments, and city’s become more autonomous and culture more lucrative, institutions are becoming more significant and their role more potent. The conference attempts to negotiate these terrains and discuss the definition and role and remit of the contemporary architectural institution.

More information at:


(Left to right) Eva Franch of Storefront for Art and Architecture (NewYork), Marielsa Castro of LIGA (Mexico), Jan Boelen of Z33 House for contemporary Art (Hasselt, Belgium), Indy Johar of Architecture 00 (London, UK) and Beatrice Galilee curator. Photo: Ana Kovac


Marielsa Castro in lecture at MAO debates. Photo: Ana Kovac


Marielsa Castro in lecture at MAO debates. Photo: Ana Kovac

Conference LIGA 09

May 8, 2013

Wednesday May 8th, 2013 the Chilean architect Eduardo Castillo will give a lecture on his work at ARCHIVO, Diseño y Arquitectura (Gral. Francisco Ramírez 4, Col. Ampliación Daniel Garza), at 07:30 pm. Free entrance. / Thursday May 9th, his exhibition at LIGA entitled ‘Opaque Sound’ will open its doors at 07:00 pm, invitation required.



Iñaki Bonillas at Interludes 10

April 15, 2013

OMR and LIGA, in collaboration with PRODUCTORA, present ‘The story of the Sinking Ship which is a ship and yet is not’, a site-specific installation created by Iñaki Bonillas for the attic of Augusto H. Álvarez and Juan Sordo Madaleno’s 1950 building, located at Avenida Insurgentes Sur 348, which, occupying a small, triangular city block, bears a peculiar resemblance to a boat. This ephemeral exercise will be on view in May 2013, and will be open from 10am to 2pm, and 4pm to 7pm.


Interludes 10: Iñaki Bonillas. Photo: Courtesy OMR

Carla Juacaba wins arcVision Prize

March 15, 2013

Carla Juaçaba has been announced as the winner of the inaugural arcVision – Women and Architecture Prize, an international social architecture award instituted by the Italcementi Group. The brazilian architect who presented at LIGA her exhibition entitled ‘Isostasy’ in April 2012, received the award for his architectural vision, sensitivity to site context and creativity in seeking unconventional solutions to design problems, this reflected in her recent project Pavilion Humanidade 2012 in Rio de Janeiro.

The Jury also awarded three Special Mentions, one to Izaskun Chinchilla from Spain who presented her installation ‘House: Tree, Chocolate, Fireplace’ at LIGA in November 2012.


Pavilion Humanidade 2012, Foto: Leonardo Finotti
Pavilion Humanidade 2012, Foto: Leonardo Finotti