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LIGA, Space for Architecture, is an independent initiative founded in Mexico City in 2011 that promotes Latin American contemporary architecture through exhibitions, conferences and workshops. LIGA was created as a curatorial platform in order to stimulate the experimentation in relation to the architectural discipline and its possibilities as a discursive practice, expanding and establishing connections with other disciplines.

The annual calendar comprises four exhibitions in which emerging studios from across Latin America intervene the 16mgallery space located in Insurgentes Avenue. In parallel to the exhibitions, there is a regular program entitled Interludes which presents conferences, workshops, debates and performances, proposing tangential relationships with architecture.

LIGA completes its 2016 program with its twenty fourth monographic exhibition, for its twenty-second show LIGA proposed a series of one-minute exhibitions, ephemeral interventions by five Mexican studios. In 2016, the Studio Interludes series also took place, the cycle was comprised of visits to houses and studios of renowned artists, with the aim of investigating the relationship between architectural space and artistic production.

LIGA has also participated in events like ‘The Institutional Act’ organized by the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia (MAO) and curated by Beatrice Galilee May 2013, the Lisbon Architecture Triennial 2013: Close, Closer and the workshop ‘Listening to public space – sound, urban planning and architecture’ organized by the Goethe Institut of Montreal in September 2015, and the Symposium Exhibition Models: Curating Architecture at Columbia GSAPP in November 2017.

In March 2013 LIGA’s first book was published, including ten exhibitions and unpublished articles on Latin American architectural practice. LIGA Vol. II Architecture exposed will be launched in June 2017.

Direction and Curatorship

Carlos Bedoya, Ruth Estévez, Wonne Ickx, Víctor Jaime y Abel Perles

Director of Operations

María Muñoz

Editorial Coordinator

Celina Bonadeo


We thank all the people who have been part of the LIGA team throughout these six years, especially to those who have directed and coordinated this space:  Maki Leos (general coordinator), Marielsa Castro (executive director) and Mariana Yuste (internal director).