Ramble Interludes

Future Manifestation

The ramble starts from Aeromoto, headed by JuanFran Maldonado, Nadia Lartigue and Esthel Voig. It will move through the maze of streets named after European cities that remind us of the history of the democracy and the different shapes that powers has taken around the  world;  urban clusters that at certain times carried out protests and civil movements. This imaginary cartography, the coordinates of which are arbitrarily determined by the signage of Juarez district,  is an excuse to observe what happens in Mexico City downtown, only a few steps away from the famous parade “del Angel al Zocalo”.

Starting for the evocation of recent history, we will cross cities squeezed into streets that nourish us with their social movements, their dances and their gestures. London (2003) Milan (2015), Athens (2010, 2014, 2016) and others appear in a symbolic map that aims to rethink manifestation strategies in México.


We use to say that Aeromoto is sugar cube that lays on the carpet of a bar. We could as well say that Aeromoto is a library founded by four people, but we resist this idea because we know it would limit its subject. Certainly Aeromoto is a library, but is much more than that. We prefer to say: Aeromoto is a cactus and poetry is the smallest space between two people, or the elimination of  distance, like to mouths that eat each other.