Ramble Interludes

The Ramble

Our ramble starts from the Merced underground stop and it will snake through one of the oldest neighborhoods of Mexico City, known as Teopan – the place of the Gods – during the Mexica Empire,  as San Pablo Teopan during the Colonial Age, and nowadays named Merced district.

From this point we start our route, which will continue down to Topacio and Talavera streets and towards the city market, established in 1573 as the great store of the grains and food that came from the south in boats and trajinares by the old canal La Viga. “The mercantile character of the district we will explore is not new, it comes from a long tradition of markets dating back to 1700 when the construction of El Parían market began in what is now the Zócalo”.

It is worth noticing that the informal market now called La Merced was neighbor to one of the most important Baroque/Mudéjar buildings in Mexico City, from which the market and its surrounding took their current name.

 Art | Workshop | Study | Architecture

ATEA is a multidisciplinary platform for experimentation and production, a place that promotes practices and invites to redefine common imaginaries of the urban space. This is a space that opens up to the exchange of knowledge and collective creation.

Located in oldest neighborhood of Mexico City La Merced (an area stigmatized by the media as a place of danger and prostitution) ATEA seeks to highlight production processes and question current consumption models.  It does so thought exhibitions, workshops, residences, practice and investigation in relation to artistic and architecture themes. Founded in 2011, ATEA wants to genered a dialogic that answers social conditions through different disciplines like architecture, art, textile production, graphics, pottery, cinema, music and urban art.