Opening LIGA 07

November 1, 2012

For the first time at LIGA we are happy to present a project from a Spanish architect. In her project ‘House: Tree, Chocolate, Chimney’ Izaskun Chinchilla turns the exhibition space into a rural birthday scene in which the guest of honour is none other than housing. Three edible models in the form of cakes are decorated with children’s motifs and lit by flower-shaped lamps. Each festive cake represents different stages of a tree house, a metaphor used by the architect to exemplify the most natural and ancient form of habitation. Chinchilla illustrates through this installation the key issues that play a role in her architecture: ecology, sustainability, the relationship between the house and its direct environment and the responsibilities of architects when creating our cities.

The installation will be open to the public for the next three months and it will be accompanied with an original text from Colombian critic and editor Miguel Mesa entitled ‘Live Load’, together with a poster designed by Izaskun Chinchilla that illustrates the project in a graphic way.


Conferencia LIGA 07, en el Centro Cultural España, miércoles 31 de octubre 2012. (A la izquierda socia fundadora de LIGA Ruth Estevez y a la derecha Izaskun Chinchilla) Fotografía: LIGA.


Charla inaugural de Izaskun Chinchilla en LIGA, jueves 1 de noviembre 2012. Fotografía: LIGA