Interlude 16

September 18, 2014

Chic By Accident Project + Ludwig Godefroy is an architecture firm based in Mexico City but formed by french architects Emmanuel Picault and Ludwig Godefroy. During their lecture at Liga, they talked about a great amount of references that are fundamental for the comprehension of their work. It was an inspiring journey consisting of a series of images from Egypt to the Yucatan Peninsula, going through Iceland and France. It presented numerous buildings, landscapes, and objects that interest the duo.

Last (and least), they presented the firm’s most significant projects, like the Nüba Club in Paris, M.N. Roy at Roma Neighborhood in Mexico City, the recuperation of an old hacienda at Yucatán, and Emmanuel’s own house in Morelos State, which, using the author’s words, is in a constant process of construction/deconstruction.


Emmanuel Picault and Ludwig Godefroy at LIGA Interludes 16. Photo: LIGA



Conference Interlude 16 by Chic by Accident Project + Ludwig Godefroy. Photo: LIGA