Interlude 19

October 15, 2015

The second event of the cycle Undisciplined Interludes, was held on Thursday, October 15, with the presentation of the Argentine artist Ramiro Chaves video De Como Ser Amabilis,  the film  Veletas Linyeras and his new book La loma del orto

The screening was followed by an open public debate on concepts of identity, memory and nationalism based on the recurrent appearance of works by Manuel Amabilis Dominguez, Yucatecan architect exponent of the neoindigenismo deco in  De Como Ser Amabilis, shot in the Park Americas in Merida.

This video portrays, through a non-linear narrative, the use of certain public spaces. The sockets are connected by the thread of the appearance of the X either as a graphic symbol, as part of architecture or three-dimensional object. X as central and as defining a particular place also permeates other works of Chaves as part of the great XXXXXXXXXX project.



Interlude 19| Ramiro Chaves| Photo: LIGA.