Interlude 20

October 29, 2015

The third event of the Undisciplined Interludes was held on Thursday, October 29, with the presentation ofthe Mexican artist José Arnaud Bello installation  Uncivilized Conduct Code and Some Applications. Arnaud-Bello proposed stress to the limit the relationship between furniture and architectural space. For this, an inordinate number of chairs in the Penthouse and terrace of LIGA was introduced, silting both places. The chairs were placed according to preset management modules that created labyrinthine paths between them.

In the artist’s words “When I share a space with others variables multiply. It’s not just my body in space, but the modes of interaction that I have with others; . the ways in which our bodies change the space for others [This installation] allows you to share one of the things that most interest me in and out of the practice of architecture: the relationship and mutual determination between a social organization and a spatial-material condition. ”

The unexpected and controversial relations established between users and between users and furnishings throughout several hours were documented on video and photography as a new reading of space that has so often been used in a traditional way.

DSC06233 DSC06239 DSC06249