Interlude 23

December 3, 2015





Last Thursday  3rd of December the last event of the Undisciplined Interludes  cycle took place in the PH of LIGA, where the Mexican artist Adriana Lara occupied the space of  LIGAs informative booklet with the conceptual character work Less is more, a reflection on the commercial value of the publications in line with the value of its contents. The piece, first exposed  in 2014 in the section of advertisers of the magazine Spike Art Magazine # 41, it is to occupy space of a publication with a digit representing a minimum value by a decimal number. This figure becomes longer while its value is reduced by the number of pages that are acquired.

The artist uses the maximum of the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the title, in the context of a capitalist economy that has subverted the initial concept of the sentence. If the principles of modernism originally advocated the virtues of simplicity and standardization in favor of more affordable housing, today apply to a construction industry that seeks to reduce costs for increased production of questionable quality . Thus generating huge profits within a constant crisis triggering any room that just globables financial crisis. Paradoxically, according to economic theory lead to lower costs it is synonymous with efficiency and thus welfare.
Less is more is embodied in a digit as a metaphor for a system where less costs equals more production, but also to more misery.