Opening Liga 13

February 13, 2014

inauguración web 1

Liga 13 |Diego Arraigada |Looking in, looking out. Photo LIGA

inauguración web 2LIGA 13 Opening talk (left Diego Arraigada, right Francisco Pardo). Photo LIGA

Last thursday August 22nd LIGA, Space for Architecture, presented its thirteenth edition of exhibitions  that promote young latin american talent. Diego Arraigada takes one of the most characteristic features of the gallery as a starting point: the two horizontal apertures that connect it with its urban surroundings. Using a plain metal structure that connects the inner edges of both windows, the architect sets up a spatial short-circuit that renders superfluous the glass separating the exhibition space from the city itself. As if it were an ingenious Escher-like construction, the façade of the building folds in on itself and projects our gaze back out into the street.