Studio Visit UCLA

November 14, 2014

Last November 10 to November 14 (2014) LIGA received 9 students from UCLA for a studio visit to Mexico City. The option studio led by Wonne Ickx, for the last years students is entitled ‘The very long building’, and questions if there exists the possibility to work on the urban scale through an architectonical object. The trip included visits to well-known architectural highlights such as houses by Luis Barragán (Casa Barragán, Casa Gilardi), the National University Campus (UNAM), the house for Diego and Frida by Juan O’Gorman, the Vasconcelos Library by Alberto Kalach, the JUMEX Museum by David Chipperfield, the experimental Museum El Eco by Mathias Goeritz, the Camino Real Hotel by Legorreta, the San Ignacio de Loyola church by Sordo Madaleno, and many more. The students also visited the offices of TAX (Alberto Kalach), Taller de Arquitectura (Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo), and Taller 13 (Elias Cattan).

The studio visit coincided with the opening of Alejandro Haiek’s installation ‘Paperwork’ at the LIGA Gallery, so the students could assist to his conference on Wednesday and the opening & reception on Thursday. The week ended with a mid-term review at LIGA’s penthouse with Michel Rojkind (Rojkind Arquitectos), Emanuel Ramirez (MMX), Cristoph Zeller (Zeller Moye), Margarita Flores (dear Architects / EEPA), Derek Dellekamp (Dellekamp Arquitectos) who gave a very punctual and thorough critique on the students work and the studio assignment as well. Thanks again for that!

PS: For more information on studio visits to Mexico City organized by LIGA, please contact us.

Organisation at LIGA: Mariana Yuste / Professor: Wonne Ickx / UCLA Students: Austin Kaa, Emma Price, Julio Perez, Sarah Johnson, Mark Simpson, Hillary Bretcko, Kimberly Daul, Ciro Dimson, Max Irish, Trenman Yau / Photography: Ciro Dimson