Triennale in Lisbon

May 11, 2013

Recently LIGA was invited to take part in the 3rd Architectural Trienniale in Lisbon 2013: Close, Closer, within the curatorial program: “The Institute Effect”. This program invited 12 institutions from around the globe, to activate the space of MUDE (Museum of Design and Fashion), one of the main locations of the next Trienniale, through a program that reflects on the day-to-day activities of the invited institutions.

On the occasion of the Trienniale, LIGA will move temporary to Lisbon, where the small space is ‘copied’ in MUDE through an installation by the Mexican office MMX. By copying the space they reflect on the physical qualities of the exhibition space as a generator for curatorial content. Simultaneously the Portuguese studio RCJV is invited to Mexico where they will inaugurate their site-specific installation at ‘LIGA, Mexico City’ and present their work to the Mexican public. The presentation of RCJV in Mexico City will be possible thanks to the support of Alumnos 47 Foundation. The sum of both creates an active interchange between local cultures, questions the idea of exhibition space and its location and will bring the idea of the ‘double’ to the foreground. A special double issue of LIGA that occurs simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic!

Other invited institutions to take part in the “The Institute Effect” are: CASCO – Office for Art Design and Theory (NL), Centre for Research Architecture (UK), Centre for Urban Pedagogy (US), Design as Politics (NL), Fabrica (IT), Institut fur Raumexperimente (DE), Jornal Arquitectos (PT), SALT (TR), Spatial Agency (UK), Storefront for Art and Architecture (US), Strelka Institute (RU), Z33 (BE).

The Institute Effect becomes a living, changing homage to the contemporary institution. Intended as a constantly changing stream of activity, 12 pioneering institutions engaged in innovative and groundbreaking practice have been invited to takeover the exhibition space, hosting a public programme of their choosing taking consecutive turns in bringing an ever­changing international residency programme to Lisbon.”