Book 2: Exposed Architecture

Second book of LIGA: Exposed Architecture

In July 2017 LIGA, presented it’s second book, Exposed Architecture. Edited by Isabel Martínez Abascal and Mario Ballesteros, the book wil be part of the catalog of the Swiss publisher PARK BOOKS, which will distribute it starting January 2018. This book puts together information on LIGA activities during the period 2013-2016: Exhibitions 11-22,  Undisciplined Interludes and Studio Interludes. Besides that, the book contains 10 critical essays on the theme, exhibiting architecture and a selection of images from the history of exposed architecture that LIGA has published in its social media using the hashtag #exposedarchitecture.

Set up an architecture exhibition part of the intention of shows something to a certein especific public, is common to say “expose architecture”. Nevertheless, architecture, for their own nature, it exposes itself from the moment that became real. This book, organized in four big blocks can be consulted independently between of them or without a linear order, is situated somewhere between two very close universes, the one that is expose and the exposed thing. 



A Room for Mexico City, RGJV (POR)
Coexistences, MMX (MEX)
Looking in, looking out, Diego Arraigada (ARG)
Spaces within spaces, MAPA (URU/BRA)
Spaces between things, Emilio Marín + Juan Carlos López (CHL)
Paperwork, Alejandro Haiek (Lab.Pro.Fab) (VEN)
Summoning Stones, Estudio Macías Peredo (MEX)
Jardineira, Tacoa (BRA)
Grammar, Llonazamora (PER)
Simultaneous Alternatives, Nicolás Campodonico, (ARG)
Subsolanus, Vão + Marina Canhadas (BRA)
One minute exhibitions, Axel Araño, Ludens, Cano Vera, DCPP, Tezontle (MEX)


Teatro Ojo, Ramiro Chaves, José Arnaud-bello, Pablo López Luz, José León Cerrillo, Adriana Lara, Estudio Vicente Rojo, Casa Pedro Reyes + Carla Fernandez, Estudio Graciela Iturbide, Estudio Melanie Smith, Casa Danh Vo y Casa + Estudio Thomas Glassford.


Agnaldo Farias, Barry Bergdoll, Carlos Mínguez Carrasco, Daniel Fernández Pascual, Florencia Rodriguez, Anna Puigjaner + Guillermo López (MAIO), Paola Santoscoy, Rory Hyde, Tina DiCarlo y Wonne Ickx.


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