Ramble Interludes

Bodily plans

There is a guide: we put ourselves in his/her hands. He/she is blind. There is a situation of uncertainty: where will the bond of trust and entrustment come from? Bodies without eyes rambling through the space, sensing other bodies. Bodily maps inside and outside the Casa. Various Intimacies.
The purpose: make the situation and the direction that the somatic structure has,  resonate with the spatial, social, affective plans, with other bodies.
Pure architectural-anatomical explorations in the dark.
Territorial description: nooks and crannies inside Casa  Vecina; alleys nearby; your bodies and mine; various openings, determined by each participant.
For Ramble Interludes, the curatorial team of Casa Vecina propose BODILY PLANES. This new initiative will allow to deepen Casa Vecina’s collaboration with the National School for the Blind and with its wide and diverse community.

Casa Vecina 

Is one of the headquarters of the Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México, whose diverse practices develop in the field of Contemporary Art and of culture in general. This space is generated through experimentation, research and production of artwork, thought and actions that deal with the most important topics of our time. Its lines of work put special emphasis in the construction of communitarian ties, its diversification an enrichment through the creation of artistic dialogues, knowledge, affection and cultural as well as interdisciplinary reciprocities.