Guerrero Chimalli

Ramble Interludes

Guerrero Chimalli

The town of Chimalhuacán gives its name to this municipality, located west of the State of Mexico between Nezahualcóyotl and Chalco. Located in the north hillside of the Los escudos (The Shields) hill, from which it gets its name, it fulfilled the purpose of an embarkation port towards Tenochtitlan. From its slopes, to date, volcanic rocks that were once used for sculptures and buildings for the Mexica capital are extracted.

During the seventies, the uncontrolled growth of Mexico City reached this population changing completely its landscape’s physiognomy, simultaneously bringing settlers from other parts of the country that have surpassed by far the number of original inhabitants. Many of these new settlers are affiliated or related to the political group called Antorchista (Torchist) or Antorcha Campesina (Rural Torch).

If the adjoining municipality of Nezahualcóyotl already had the identity of a huge coyote in one of its most important crossroads, Chimalhuacán’s identity couldn’t stay behind. In reference to the mythology of its founding, in the year 2008, it was commissioned to the sculptor Sebastián the building of a monumental structure that will represent the Chimalli warrior. Finished in 2014, this 60 meter high monument has added to the traditional shield a notorious mallet, which can be easily mistaken with a torch, as a forceful symbol of the numerical and political supremacy of the newcomers. The monumental and defiant gesture in which it addresses the city seems to confirm the sentence of one of its founders: “In the near future, all Mexico will be Chimalhuacán”.

Axel Arañó