November 2011 – February 2012

Addition Substraction is an intervention of piled up wood with which Jorge Ambrosi revisits the spatial forms of five recent residential projects. The work emphasizes tectonics, materiality and the strong interest in how things are assembled in construction, all of which stimulate Ambrosi’s research. It is an architectonic grammar in which different constructive elements are piled up with the logic and precision of mehanical engineering, generating tacit architectonic solutions of balanced proportions and mathematical modulations.

This installation invites the visitor to walk through the space, using movement to discover, approach, touch and feel the robust models of raw material. It also evokes a moment full of expectations, when primary matter arrives at the construction site and remains temporarily piled up, waiting for its confrontation with the terrain.  The “act” or “action” of architecture happens in that moment, when the drawn traces start to orchestrate form and final position of those solids inside the projected whole.  Just like Ambrosi’s work, the spatial intervention in LIGA happens in a serious and direct manner.  The naked visibility of the constructive parts show architecture in its most intimate and unprotected form, inviting us to reflect on the assembly processes that define the nature of his work.