Adamo Faiden


May – August 2012

An Environment centers on a method that is very common in the work of Adamo-Faiden: the creation of insterstitial spaces that mediate between two different conditions.  These environments physically recreate themselves through an installation with three video projectors, three transparent screens, a smoke machine and an extractor.  The video projectors and screens are installed in such a way that photographic fragments of the studio’s work are shown in front of the three windows of the space.  Over regular time lapses, the show fills with artificial smoke, substituting the clarity of the projected images with the materialization of the air confined between the walls of LIGA.  When the space is filled with smoke, the extractor is activated and empties the space, making the slides shown on the screen visible again.

The installation oscillates between the representation of an architectonic strategy and its materialization. The images come together in a volume of air that abandons its condition of empty space generating an environment that exposes methods, fantasies and ambitions of the Argentine studio as phantasmagorical fragments that dissolve in the space.  This information constructs an unstable yet specific atmosphere, a spatial interstice that, in this installation, acquires autonomous sensibility.