Eduardo Castillo

Opaque Sound

May – July 2013

Opaque Sound is a project that consists of a robust wooden piece that occupies almost the entire gallery. The instrusive mass not only annuls the gallery space, but also obstructs, with its presence, the views to the inside. The volume (a spatial configuration recuperated from a previous project where it served as furniture in a public square) is literally embedded between floor and ceiling, thus impeding a clear definition of the real nature of this object.  Between artifact, sculpture, architecture, found object, archeological find, or fallen meteorite, the excess of the introduced mass causes a disquieting confrontation with the space.

Chilean architect Eduardo Castillo, who was also educated as carpenter in his father’s workshop, explains: “I propose to  occupy a gallery with opacity, with a wood structure measuring 2,26 meters in height.  Silent, scented and braced, half-way between a backwater and a hideout  for gangs. It is not a work of art to be exhibited, but rather a space excessively occupied with a wood structure, temporarily boxed in with four wedges between earth and sky that, like in a Grimm tale, allows me to show the ability of transforming straw into gold.”