November 2013

In conjuction with the  the Lisbon Architecture Trienniale, LIGA inaugurates a double exhibition, simultaneously showcasing Portuguese studio RCJV in Mexico City and Mexican architectural firm MMX in Lisbon, Portugal.

MMX generates an insight on scale, content and frequency by multiplying the space of LIGA in the large second  floor gallery of MUDE (Museum of Design and Fashion of Lisbon). LIGA could fit as many as thirty times within the 561 m2 of MUDE, which means that,l  taking size as the main reference, MUDE could feature the work of up to thirty architectural firms: the same physical volume that would be achieved after eight years of exhibition . MMX has installed a repetition of LIGA’s perimeter through vermillion fabrics tightly bound around metallic columns that created a diagonal field that saturated MUDE’s space. The geometrical and spatial attributes of each space create a dialogue with each other in order to explore the possibilities of content, establishing a new  new relational organization. The show is accompanied by a text written by anthropologist Pablo Landa (MEX).