Architect Magister Scientiarum, Alejandro Haiek graduated with Honours from the Masters in Architectural Design at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where he is also a professor and member of the Academic Committee of Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism.

Since 1996, he is co-founder and Director of LAB.PRO.FAB. -The Public Machinery (project and fabrication laboratory), a group which integrates different design and production disciplines to be applied in social, cultural and environmental research. This has led to the development of mixed techniques and integration protocols geared towards other fields of knowledge. Their work has focused on the renovation of idle landscapes and reactivation of unused territories, which have given birth to concepts such as reprogramming of the obsolete or reactivation of urban grounds. Haiek has concentrated his interests in strategy development for consolidating sustainable environments and emerging habitats, recognizing architecture, landscapes and artefacts as components of a complex urban scenario.