Simultaneous Alternatives
November 2015 – February 2016
LIGA, Space for Architecture, Mexico City, reaches a milestone with its twentieth exhibition, with a proposal from Argentine architect Nicolás Campodonico. Made from mirrored sheet steel, it takes the form of an acute angle whose vertex defines a vertical line between the ground and the ceiling in the center of the gallery, and whose extremes rest on the windowsills. After rejecting several different options, he settled on the title Simultaneous Alternatives.
It makes reference to the different options of spatial perception offered by the blurry reflection of the steel, the result of the thin sheet which leaves slight undulations in the surface. At the same time, it happens to recall the twenty installations that over the past five years, since LIGA was inaugurated in 2011, have occupied the gallery. The successive exhibitions have each left their mark on the space, like a kind of invisible preexisting structure. Observing Campodonico’s work with a little imagination allows us to look back over all the past simultaneous alternatives and, perhaps, some of those still to come.