Undisciplined Interludes

Pablo López Luz

PABLO LÓPEZ LUZ  en diálogo con la antropóloga SANDRA ROZENTAL

Last Thursday November 5 at the PH of LIGA, Pablo Lopez Luz presented part of his photographic work, deepening the relationships he establishes between the pre-Hispanic past and contemporary architecture. Lopez Luz showed his latest book Pyramid (2014) and his new photographic series  Neo-Inca made in Peru. Mexican anthropologist Sandra Rozental complemented the presentation with considerations on the use of architecture as a tool for representation of national identity and political power.
Rozental established at the same time a dialogue between the work of Luz Lopez and his own film work. She showed a fragment of her film La Piedra Ausente, directed with Jesse Lerner, who narrates the transfer of large monolith that represents a pre-Hispanic deity of water, “the largest carved stone in America” from the village of San Miguel Coatlinchan up to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.