How does architectural space influence artistic production—and vice-versa? This is the question to be examined by means of a series of visits to the homes and studios of leading Mexican artists. The investigation will address the connections between a spatial and sensorial context—visual, auditory, material—and the work that is conceived or created within it. The discussion will successively advance more deeply, over several months, into the creative atmosphere in which a number of a key artists produce their work. Each event literally evolves in situ, with a specific character arising from the personality of the space visited, and of the person who inhabits it.
In this way, this series establishes a conceptual link between the traditional journeys made by modern architects to visit emblematic works from antiquity, and the contemporary practice of studio visits.

Last Thursday 28st of April, the third event of the Studio Interludes series took place in the studio of the british artist Melanie Smith, located in a house in San Pedro de los Pinos neighborhood.