How does architectural space influence artistic production—and vice-versa? This is the question to be examined by means of a series of visits to the homes and studios of leading Mexican artists. The investigation will address the connections between a spatial and sensorial context—visual, auditory, material—and the work that is conceived or created within it. The discussion will successively advance more deeply, over several months, into the creative atmosphere in which a number of a key artists produce their work. Each event literally evolves in situ, with a specific character arising from the personality of the space visited, and of the person who inhabits it.
In this way, this series establishes a conceptual link between the traditional journeys made by modern architects to visit emblematic works from antiquity, and the contemporary practice of studio visits.

Thomas Glassford House and Studio

Last thursday 29th of June the final visit of the cycle Studio Interludes took, simultaneously, place in the house and the studio of the artist Thomas Glassford. Both the studio, which used to be his own house, and the house that he started building ten years ago, are closely located in San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood.

Morphology as Architecture

Thomas Glassford

How to cultivate the natural within a high urban environment? A traditional shell structure ruin is a healthy anchor to grow a biotope; fluidity of additions to an existing colonial reef. Spores spawning forms. Design as an organic current that allows existing structures to anchor new growth and to accommodate the flow. A fertile place to germinate in.

Circulation and balance within the slightly broken angularity of the quadrilateral plane in space keeps the mind agile. Step up step down, recycle around. The broken heights of the original shell gets interlacing platforms to reconnect and promote a cascade of the structure to the visual focus of the neighboring canopy of trees beyond. With gyration and dissemination as a living experience, the collective house is in different levels of sedimentation, a vessel and extension to the aquatic.