Ricardo Carvalho + Joana Vilhena

a room for mexico city

November 2013 – January 2014

In Conjuction with the Lisbon Architecture Trienniale, LIGA is inaugurating a double exhibition, simultaneously showcasing Portuguese studio RCJV in Mexico City and the Mexican architectural firm MMX in Lisbon, Portugal.

RCJV’s proposal, ‘A Room for Mexico City’ involves the construction of a space –a room– that floats inside of LIGA’s exhibition space. Placed inside this chamber is a unique and unpublished atlas: a book that gathers images of places, objects, elements and works that recreate the career of Ricardo Carvalho and Joana Vilhena throughout the years. “The Room is the Place of the Mind. In a small room one does not say what one would in a large room”. With this statement of Louis Kahn, RCJV discusses the construction of an everyday architecture that also happens in the present moment, carried out with light and ephemeral materials. The show is accompanied by texts written by architects Manuel Aires Mateus (POR) and Mauricio Pezo (CHI).