Summoning Stones
February – May 2015

Artisan and manual labor play a key role in the work of Macías Peredo. The studio creates strategies that make it possible to incorporate a certain level of improvisation and imprecision into the implementation of their projects. Their intervention in the LIGA gallery pursues the same philosophy. Inspired by a moving quote from Adolf Loos about the human quality of worked granite, the architects direct our attention to the very material of the gallery floor: black volcanic recinto stone. The couple from Jalisco asked for 33 tons of this locally-sourced material in its rawest and easiest-to-obtain form, such as the irregular leftovers from commercial quarrying. Working together with a team of builders, an intuitive process of testing piles of stone began. Based on a general idea of the floor plan composition, Macías Peredo react to “what the stone demands of them” and create structural solutions on the fly.


Meanwhile, for this exhibition Macías Peredo also “pile up” brief, intimate texts from close friends that speak, from different points of view, of the appreciation for the manual labor and role of the craftsman in architectural production. In their praxis, we can observe how the human hand manipulates material—even that which is least malleable—in order to tear the stone from the mountain and extract architecture from the natural landscape.