Camilo Restrepo Ochoa  /. AGENdA   Architecture Agency

AGENdA is an architecture agency founded in Medellin, Colombia, which seeks to create possible architectures regardless of the scale or type of commission. From its agency perspective, AGENdA constantly seeks to articulate and introduce dialogues and conversations with the aim of nourishing issues related to the discipline, some in a constructed fashion, such as buildings, interventions and installations, and others in the form of exhibitions, research, workshops and seminars. AGENdA seeks to introduce a different way of looking at built space through specific projects for urban and rural contexts, framed by the interests of architecture understood as a cultural practice.

AGENdA is led by Camilo Restrepo Ochoa, who since 2014 has been a guest lecturer at the School of Architecture and Design at Harvard Graduate School of Design. He was nominated for the MCHAP and BSi Awards in 2014, for the Rolex Mentor Protégé 2012, where he was selected as one of the three finalists, the Iakhov Chernikhov Prize winner in 2009, and was winner of the national Blue Pencil and Steel Pencil design award in 2008.