José Cubilla

José Cubilla holds a degree in Architecture from Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay (1994). In 2016, he was awarded by the X Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de Sao Paulo for the San Francisco Building, constructed in Asunción in 2013; he was also awarded by the 20th Pan-American Biennial of Architecture in Quito for the Takuru Housing in Piribebuy and as Architect of the Americas Awarded by the Pan-American Federation of Architects Associations. Moreover, he was one of the Mies Crow Hall Americas Prize finalists (Emerge) of the Illinois Institute of Technology of Architecture Chicago for his San Francisco Building. In 2012 was awarded by the VII Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism of Cadiz for La Casa del Pescatore in Villa Florida. In 2011 received the National Prize for Emerging Architecture by the Paraguayan Association of Architects and the Bicentennial Commission. His work has been published widely and internationally, by such magazine as 30-60, Revista AU y Revista Casabella. In 2014, Cubilla was invited to teach at S.O.S. Ciudades, Taller Sudamérica in La Havana, Cuba and held conferences and Workshop in Merida, Mexico (2016); Bogotá, Colombia (2015); São Paulo, Brazil (2015); Austin, Texas (2012); Thessaloniki, Greece; Venice Italy.