Taller Tornel

Ramble Interludes

When I was invited to take a walk through the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood, I thought in a thousand options. Historical context, architecture, botanics, hiding places, fun moments, galleries, urban crossroads, loss of identity, cafes, gyms, modernity, diners, workshops.

Tough decision, specially knowing that this neighborhood contains these things, and many more.

I made the decision of taking a messy route, where we will stop at some geographical spots that refer us to these topics. Along the way we can look for randomness of fate and recognize the things that happen in the “San Miguel” (they call it that now).

The modern apartment complex at Juan Cano street, the Hare Krishna temple at Tiburcio Montiel, the house with the minuscule facade at Ceballos, the closed street at Protasio Tagle, tornel 20 . tallerTORNEL. […]

Taller Tornel

Taller Tornel is a workshop for the production and development of artistic and architectural projects.
It aims at designing with the highest quality possible, without stopping at the first ideas, but pursuing the best control and fulfillment. Taller Tornel has focused on the production of art and architecture, With the ambition of ​​realizing special and challenging projects.

Created in 2012 in the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood in Mexico City by Rodolfo Diaz Cervantes, Tornel is a broad spectrum workshop that has generated specific commissions, architectural collaborations, production of pieces of art with multiple artists, educational workshops in universities and museums, exhibitions, magazines, useful objects and decorative and care-taking of private collections. A workshop that does not seek protagonism, but practical and real solutions in constructive matters to solve new projects.