LIGA was established in 2011 as an initiative by Carlos Bedoya, Ruth Estévez, Wonne Ickx, Víctor Jaime and Abel Perles to create an exhibition space for reflecting on architecture as a discursive practice. Many ideas and approaches have driven LIGA over the years since: to present in Mexico the work of architects from the rest of Latin America and to expand frontiers with a gaze that looks to the South; to establish relationships between the different practices and generate an archive of the young studios and architects in the region, identifying the characteristics of Latin American architecture, without looking for a unifying style or making generalizations.

Thanks to the numerous activities we organize, at LIGA we connect with other disciplines, independent spaces and organizations, proposing a forum of many voices; we attend to both formal ideas related to design processes and to socio-political problems. LIGA tries out new methodologies to respond with theoretical and factual tools to the context we inhabit.

On the basis of these premises LIGA has gradually evolved: a place that raises questions about how architecture is exhibited, as well as a space for the production of knowledge, dialogue and informal discussion, with the aim of fostering encounters between those who like to meet with friends and discuss projects.

In 2018, LIGA is leaving its gallery space on Insurgentes Avenue to open a new venue in the Doctores neighborhood, one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, which combines cutting-edge projects with traditional workshops and spaces. In this new phase, LIGA continues with its monographic exhibitions dedicated to the work of young Latin American architects, while incorporating a new dimension with architects and researchers, writers, curators and academics who present their research in an exhibition format. In this way, LIGA is reasserting its interest in new forms of making exhibitions, and the definition of architecture as an experimental and social science.