Plummeting plumb

by Axel Arañó and César Martínez

LIGA 22: Axel Arañó/ Cano Vera/ DCPP/ Iván Hernández/ Tezontle (Mex). One Minute Exhibitions


Ephemeral and ethereal intervention that takes place in the air, consisting of defining two perpendicular planes using plumb line and spirit level, using light and smoke in movement.

The smoke occupies the totality of the space-volume of the room and the planes divide it like two Cartesian axes into an up and a down, and a right side and a left side. The gunpowder in the rockets contributes to the smoke machine to fill the space, leaving slight traces of flame on the windowsills, a minimal testimony to action.

Any material can be used to make a plumb line, indicating a direct line to the center of the earth with any kind of object hung from a string, though the heavy metal lead (plomo) shares its etymology with this action.

From the outset the vertical and the horizontal have been decisive in the development of architecture, and the intervention alludes to these two concepts through the use of two laser beams and smoke. The smoke makes visible the planes of light, and these in turn make the smoke visible.

Atmosphere and light, two natures in conjunction that architecture orders and defines, make themselves tangible without solid material.



LIGA 22: Axel Arañó/Cano Vera/DCPP/Iván Hernández/Tezontle (Mex)